Sovereign Country

Sovereign Country offer a range of contemporary, avant-garde and neo-classical designs that can be placed in the home or garden. A number of the water features follow the style of great British artists such as Henry Moore and Barbabra Hepworth, who produced some of the most iconic sculptures of the 20th century.  The planters offer a mix of modern and classical designs, offering abstract forms, sleek lines and flowing curves across the range. 

Our water features are high quality design items manufactured using the finest modern materials. They combine the strength and look of traditional materials but are a varied blend of sand and stone, glass and fibreglass, and polyresins to create stronger, lighter weight, more durable and resilient products that stand the test of time. Do not mistake our water features and planters for others offered on the market that are made form plastics.

Water features in our Gallery Collection are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. All of the Planters feature a solid base so that they can also be situated anywhere in the home or garden without creating leakage or staining of precious decking or wood floors.  Of course, every planter can also be drilled to create a drainage hole if you so wish. 

We are a family run company with a passion for design and quality. We only sell items we would love to have in our own homes and follow core values that put people and planet at the heart of our business.


Our Vision

To be a leading provider of luxury and sustainable design items that enhance people’s homes and lives or the home and garden.

Our Values

Excellence: we strive to deliver excellence in everything we offer (excellent products and excellent service)

Integrity: we are honest and reflective in how we deal with people and other businesses

Sustainable: we endeavour to be sustainable in everything we do; for example: in our purchasing and supply chain choices; in our employment practices, in our accounting approach, in our choice of packaging, and in the nurturing of relationships..

Please contact us if you have any queries. If you are delighted with the service and product you have received please let us know and send us photographs so that we can build a Customers’ Corner. If you have ideas about new designs or products we’d enjoy hearing from you. If for any reason at all you feel dissatisfied with the product or service please offer us an opportunity to discuss matters with you and try to put things right.


Tel: 01555 820346