Harmony – Small Stainless Steel Tap Water Feature


Harmony’s combination of rugged stone and polished steel offers a simplistic yet effective feature for a smaller garden or terrace. High quality materials with ensure that harmony will be a lasting companion.Our gift to you is a Premium Maintenance kit that helps you regularly drain and refresh the water with very little effort.


The water features offered by Sovereign Country are high quality design items manufactured using the finest modern materials. They combine the strength and look of traditional stone materials but are a varied blend of sand and stone, glass and fibreglass, and polyresins to create stronger, more durable and lighter weight products. Do not mistake our water features and planters for others offered on the market that are made from plastics.

Harmony is made of Glass-Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC): A luxury choice of material that looks and feels like stone; offering outstanding durability and a lovely finish that improves with age and lasts for years.  The high content of natural materials means that there may be some imperfections in the appearance of the water features, which serves to add to its sense of presence.  Recognised in the building industry for its strength and natural look, GRC is impact, fire and frost resistant meaning that your water feature will continue to look as, if not more, beautiful than it does now. Though heavier than FibreStone and PolyStone, GRC is a lot lighter than traditional stone and concrete materials.

All water features are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are UV and Frost resistant.  Clean with a damp cloth and non-abrasive material. They will survive many winters but we advise during very cold periods to drain the water features and ensure to cover as fully as possible to protect from extreme weather conditions.